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My Marathon Season Revisited: Boston Blog 

My Marathon Season Revisited: Boston

The Boston Marathon. You may ask yourself, wasn’t that back in April? Yeah, and my excuses for not cranking out the report until now are two-fold. One, I’ve had a busy life between now and then, which is kind of pathetic stacked up against my personal philosophy that we find time to do the things that are important to us. But pair that with the other excuse, which is quite simply that I didn’t feel like. I had a rude shock to my system this year, because I felt like…

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Boston: A City of Running Dreams Blog 

Boston: A City of Running Dreams

Marathon Monday is now just two days away. I love the way that sounds. Marathon Monday. The people of Massachusetts celebrate Monday as a state holiday, which commemorates Paul Revere’s ride through the night heralding that doom that was the British military to the colonists. They could easily call it Marathon Monday without much complaint, I would imagine, but the holiday is known as Patriot’s Day. Hence the title of the recent movie with Mark Wahlberg. My wife and I watched it together exactly a week ago, and it affected…

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Boston: Tracking Your Runner During the Race Blog 

Boston: Tracking Your Runner During the Race

Greetings, running and fitness fans!  It’s getting exciting now; I’ll be boarding the plane for Boston from Denver in the early afternoon tomorrow, and today, Wednesday April 12th, is final packing day.  It’s also the day I promised my wife that I’d make a chart of my expected progress for when she is tracking my race via text messaging.  So, I had the brilliant idea of sharing that with anyone that might be tracking a runner of their own, or of course I’d be flattered if you’d like to track…

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Boston: 17 Down, 1 to Go Blog 

Boston: 17 Down, 1 to Go

Hey, health and running fans! It’s been entirely too long since the last time I was here, and I have a lot of catching up to do. There’s more to tell than I can do in a short blog entry, but I’ll do my best over the next week or two. The biggest news of the past several months for this particular blog is that I’ve been training for the Boston Marathon for the past 17 weeks, hence 17 down, 1 to go. I qualified back in May of 2016,…

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Post-Turkey Dinner Depression Blog 

Post-Turkey Dinner Depression

Is anybody else a little sad following what I think of as the best holiday of the year, and suffering from a bit of post-turkey dinner depression? Since I took the pledge to swear off of excess sugar and simple carbs two years ago Thanksgiving was a little bit of a challenge last year. However, this year was different, and I was so happy that I just have to share which should also explain my mild case of the blues now that the wonderfulness is behind me. I had to…

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3 Tips for a Healthy Halloween Blog 

3 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year once again, so it feels like a good time to share 3 tips for a healthy Halloween, too.  But first, here’s a little modern day scary entertainment for you:       1. Eat candy in moderation If you have children you probably believe that because you spend most of your time and energy in the processes of raising them, taking them to soccer practice, etc. that one of your little bonuses in life is to cherry-pick a couple of their treats out of…

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The Pikes Peak Marathon, Conclusion Blog 

The Pikes Peak Marathon, Conclusion

…Continued from Part 2 The A-Frame Shelter aid station is a couple of short switchbacks below the actual sign for the shelter itself, and therefore in the first one- to two hundred feet of trees. I had in my mind a conscious effort to remember to ask about bananas, as I had one half of one left at this point. The volunteer replied that there was no nutrition at this aid station, to which I had no complaint. I think these people do a monumental job just providing filtered water…

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The Pikes Peak Marathon, Part 2 Blog 

The Pikes Peak Marathon, Part 2

…Continued from Part 1 As I passed through Barr Camp my watch told me it was about time to have another gel. I continue to use the same schedule for this as last year, and I reached for one from my waist belt. I had taken the first three out of the left pocket of my hydration pack because I wanted to be able to shove my waist belt in there once I got it empty, but with that left pocket down to the two 15 mg glucose gels I…

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The Pikes Peak Marathon, Part 1 Blog 

The Pikes Peak Marathon, Part 1

Ever since my somewhat ill-fated solo run up Pikes Peak on the fall equinox of 2015 I had been longing to run the Pikes Peak Marathon officially. I felt this tug of adventure despite the falling and the banging up and cutting open of the knees and forearms, which didn’t seem completely unavoidable even after having supposedly learning the hard lessons of that solitary effort. That fifth fall, in particular, lives on in my memory simply because of the fact that I was so dead-set in my resolve to not…

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The Olympics for Workout Inspiration Blog 

The Olympics for Workout Inspiration

How many of you healthy people out there are also using the Olympics for workout inspiration? I know I am! I came up with the idea to share an experience with you that I just had on Saturday while I was working out; it was so cool that it’s too good to keep all to myself… I have two rest days each week in my most recent running training cycle, because I’m using an adapted plan for mountain trail running that is the equivalent of 55 miles of effort with…

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Fun Ways to Get Moving Blog 

Fun Ways to Get Moving

I was inspired by something I read a few days ago to help you and others find some fun ways to get moving. I was popping my way through the Abundant Health Unlimited Facebook news feed looking for new goodies to share, and I came across a really inspiring story that I knew I had to share out there with my Abundant Health people. This guy’s accomplishment of taking himself from 625 pounds down to sufficient condition to complete half-marathons is by itself an amazing feat, and I urge you…

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Summer Nights and Summer Foods Blog 

Summer Nights and Summer Foods

Well, we finally made it to summer, and so far in my part of the world it’s been glorious. My thoughts have turned to getting up a little earlier to beat the heat for my morning runs, and the excellence of both summer nights and summer foods. Since having gotten inspired to eat for more pure fueling and less glycemic index a lot of thought has gone into my diet adaptations, and it struck me how so many staples of the typical American summer diet are fraught with simple carbs…

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Colorado Marathon 2016 Blog 

Colorado Marathon 2016

I have spent the better part of a month collecting my thoughts and feelings about Colorado Marathon 2016. The training plan I had adopted for this race was the most structured, the highest mileage, and the most intensely rigorous I have ever undertaken for any race. For this reason the way the race unfolded, and concluded, left me with a lot of sober reflection after the fact, as well as a lot of emotional baggage to unpack and put away neatly. It has literally taken me most of this month…

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Martin Richard, My Patron Saint of Running Blog 

Martin Richard, My Patron Saint of Running

My heartfelt thoughts return today, on April 15th, the 3rd anniversary of the senseless Boston Marathon bombing, to Martin Richard, my patron saint of running. In fact, I have difficulty keeping my eyes dry as I write this, because the story I have to tell of how the life and death of this young hero affected me, though not as moving as his own tale, bears a metric ton of significance to me that continues to motivate and inspire, every time I think about it. It was April of 2013….

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Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season Blog 

Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season

With spring finally in the air here in the Colorado mountains I’m reminded about getting in fit shape for swimsuit season. In our part of the world the motels open their swimming pools between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or at least within a couple of weeks of these bookend dates, and hey! By my precise calculations that’s just 53 days away. I know that women, and the men that care about what people see when they look in their direction, are giving some thought to looking trim and fit…

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Pain and Soreness During Marathon Training Blog 

Pain and Soreness During Marathon Training

Today’s topic is getting over pain and soreness during marathon training, because about four to five weeks into an 18-week cycle it hit me! To lay a little foundation here, I have to say at this point that I’m already entered to race in the Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins on Sunday, May the 1st. Hence the 18-week training cycle. One does not simply jump up off the couch and go run 26.21875 miles without building up the body’s base through a regimen of weekly mileage, including easy days, long…

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2 Key Ingredients to a Healthy Immune System Blog 

2 Key Ingredients to a Healthy Immune System

I realized that I’ve escaped all cold symptoms so far this season, and I need to share my 2 key ingredients to a healthy immune system with you! I have a lot of time to think while I’m running, and quite often have some of my best ideas during this personal special time I take. Some time this past fall I had made a decision to add two things to my daily dietary and supplement regimen with the logic that others have done so for many years, and it couldn’t…

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Food Focus and Football Blog 

Food Focus and Football

Today in the U.S. four teams play each other in two games to determine who plays in the Super Bowl, and my thoughts turn to food focus and football. Now, if you live anywhere besides America you may find this whole phenomenon hilarious.  Heck, most of the world plays football with a round white ball with black hexagonal spots!   However, in America we have a time-honored tradition that dictates the Super Bowl is a humongous Sunday party, and in many homes requires an overwhelming cornucopia of food, all-too-often of…

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Beware of Fat-Free Foods! Blog 

Beware of Fat-Free Foods!

I have some important information to share with you, namely why you should beware of fat-free foods. This is something I’ve discussed in the recent past, as I had found out last spring that I was prediabetic on a blood test. It’s been a while since I touched on the subject, but I feel like this is super-important, and can be a key element in your weight reduction efforts that is really easy in modern times to overlook. The major food companies are able to put the phrase fat-free or…

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The Importance of Protein for Breakfast Blog 

The Importance of Protein for Breakfast

My wife was reading something to me from a magazine about the importance of protein for breakfast in the morning, and the light bulb went on! I knew this instinctively for other reasons, and I’ll share with you why and what I do, but I ended up grabbing her magazine from her and getting into the references so I could share this with you right away. The reason is that I just love it when my own best thinking has been verified by someone in academia, as is the case…

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Make 2016 Your Year of Abundant Health! Blog 

Make 2016 Your Year of Abundant Health!

I have been pouring over all of your survey responses, and after what I’ve observed I’m determined to make 2016 your year of abundant health! I hear your concerns about joint pain, diabetes, belly fat, stress and the difficulty of reducing weight (remember, we’re not going to lose weight any more, because we have no intention of finding it again!). What I propose is a six-point plan for looking at your future of health with happiness, positive energy, and the success you deserve in making your fitness dreams come true,…

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A Simple Idea to Reduce Food Intake Blog 

A Simple Idea to Reduce Food Intake

As I promised on New Year’s Eve, here is a simple idea to reduce food intake. In our article that day we touched on the idea of using the smallest plate possible.  Remember?  Quoting my own article, I said, “research has shown that people who used a bigger plate in a buffet took 52% more, and ate 45% more food! If you could eat less by doing something as simple as using the smallest plate possible, isn’t it worth a try?” (10 Year-End Tips for Eating Healthier, December 31, 2015)….

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10 Year-End Tips for Eating Healthier Blog 

10 Year-End Tips for Eating Healthier

It’s been a great year, and we want to celebrate by sharing 10 year-end tips for eating healthier with you to ring in what promises to be an awesome 2016. I’ve begun training for a marathon on the 1st of May earlier this week, and my goal is to get there totally prepared without injury, and to do something about revealing my ab muscles this year. Do you have any resolutions? If you do scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a comment. 1) Drink water This…

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Insane Ab Workout Blog 

Insane Ab Workout

When I came across this insane ab workout video the other day I knew I had to share this with you!  Wes Virgin, our very good friend and creator of many leading-edge weight management and fitness programs shows us something that I didn’t know before today.  What he demonstrates here is a tremendously effective way to do your Russian twists that is going to change the way I perform this exercise, starting today! Here is a short, sweet, and highly dynamic video where he shows you how it’s done. I just know you’re…

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Less-Than 5 Minute Abs Workout Blog 

Less-Than 5 Minute Abs Workout

I was asked for my abs regimen a couple of weeks ago, and after having posted it in the comments reply it hit me that I should post my less-than 5 minute abs workout for everyone.  This is intended only to be me sharing my own experience, and not to be substituted for either medical or expert physical training advisement. Exercise common sense if you attempt to duplicate this, please! I do each of these for 30 seconds, repeat all four of them again, then finish with 30 crunches. I…

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18 Foods that Fight Fat for You Blog 

18 Foods that Fight Fat for You

Here are 18 foods that fight fat for you, in an effort to put a positive spin on all of the choices there are when it comes being hungry. The next time you find yourself asking the eternal question, “What is there to eat around here?” we hope that one of these foods come to mind. The chances are excellent that if you choose something from this list instead of a sweeter or fattier alternative you can’t go too wrong on your weight loss journey! Here we go: 1) Quinoa…

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5 Quick Tips for Slimmer Abs Blog 

5 Quick Tips for Slimmer Abs

Getting a defined core has been on my own mind lately, and after a little thought and research here are 5 quick tips for slimmer abs to share with you. Now, I will be the first to admit that because of my running focus I do NOT have the beautiful sculpted look to my stomach of dedicated body-builders. I have two reasons why I’m writing about this information for you anyway. One is that I want to share my own journey with you, and hopefully team up with those who would…

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How to Handle Stress While Losing Weight Blog 

How to Handle Stress While Losing Weight

Is there any doubt that knowing how to handle stress while losing weight can be helpful to you? We can agree that stress begins with our thinking, right? If you’re anything like me the next thing that happens after that thought is some kind of physical feeling, and it’s not particularly pleasant! As we always say, the mind feeds the body feeds the mind, etc., and in this case it is not the kind of feeding that benefits our health. So…let’s examine some of the causes and effects of stress,…

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9 Colder Weather Fitness Tips Blog 

9 Colder Weather Fitness Tips

With a mind and body both full of Thanksgiving gratitude from yesterday here in the States our thoughts have turned this week to 9 colder weather fitness tips. If you have grown fond of running or walking outdoors this year, or even earlier, there are some simple but helpful things to keep in mind to continue enjoying the great outdoors while keeping your body active. Winter really is a magical time of year for a lot of folks; the air has a certain quiet ambiance, and the white frost on…

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6 Amazing Tips for Weight Loss Blog 

6 Amazing Tips for Weight Loss

This week’s 6 amazing tips for weight loss are not revolutionary new information, but when used together you can have amazing results. So check this out, and let’s get started! 1) Don’t worry about low fat. The movement against fat is left over from the 70’s, and led to a host of non-fat and low-fat products that are in fact less healthy for you then their “full-fat” counterparts because they substitute sugar instead. Plus, some essential fats are very necessary to good health, particularly those found in avocados and fish….

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8 Facts about Fat Blog 

8 Facts about Fat

We thought it would be helpful this week to share 8 facts about fat with you. We hear the word “fat,” and suddenly the compulsion comes over us to figuratively dig out our crucifix to ward off vampires, evil spirits, and other terrible things. There are myriad reasons, not all of them bad, why fat is a part of us. If you think of us as descending from hunter-gatherer days it becomes easier to picture why we have been created with fat as a part of us. Often in pre-historic days…

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The Many Faces of Sugar Blog 

The Many Faces of Sugar

Does the phrase “the many faces of sugar” remind you of “the many faces of death?” Sadly, there is some ironic connection between the two, as sugar is in so much of what “Big Food” manufactures for us that it far outweighs (pun certainly intended) the concern of high-fat in the diet, in our humble opinion. The concern stems from what the body has to do to process and store the vast amounts of both intentional and accidental sugar we ingest routinely in the modern Western diet. I have alluded…

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How to Deal with Slips in a Diet Program Blog 

How to Deal with Slips in a Diet Program

There is no doubt in our minds at all that how to deal with slips in a diet program can be invaluable information to have before it actually happens. What have you done in the past when this happens? Do you feel guilty, or worry about it? DON’T! The wonderful thing about being a human being is that A) You’re human, and not perfect, and B) The human body is a remarkable assemblage of complex organic systems that will forgive an occasional deviation in an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Take heart…

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The Three Nightmare Holidays for Weight Loss Blog 

The Three Nightmare Holidays for Weight Loss

At this time of year anyone should be able to guess what the three nightmare holidays for weight loss are, right? However traditions have evolved over the years and centuries, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas have all come to be synonymous with sugar, simple carbs, and a combination of the two, respectively! Whether or not you believe that they also unfold in chronological order of difficuly to remain true to a wiser food regimen is up to the perception of the individual, but it seems to me that this is the…

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Fitness and Weight Loss Goals Blog 

Fitness and Weight Loss Goals

Based on the results of our survey many of you have completed for us we find that fitness and weight loss goals are on everybody’s mind to some degree. This made perfect sense to us once we figured out what it all meant. 57% of the survey group, well over half of you said that choosing reasonable weight goals is your biggest concern when starting a new diet, and this is absolutely a real-world issue. This week we are going to address goals, because it’s not always about reducing the…

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Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Conclusion Blog 

Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Conclusion

(This is the continuation of Part 4 of Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain…): One of the most idyllic aspects of the run today has been my unconsciously wise choice of a mid-week weekday. I have certainly passed by people going both up and back down, but not many. In fact, I never saw a single soul, going up or coming down, loitering around the Barr Camp fences, which is a typical sight on any given weekend. There was a fellow sleeping face-down with one leg on the trail…

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Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Part 4 Blog 

Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Part 4

(This is the continuation of Part 3 of Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain…): I got over the rockiest part of the highest mile, and was opening up stride in short stretches of well-groomed gravel trail with good success anticipating the narrowest and rockiest parts when it happened. I hit a rock that I didn’t see with my right foot, and down I went hands-first. I barked some quick expletive, not too profane if memory serves, popped right back up, and kept going. No cuts, no blood, no pain….

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Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Part 3 Blog 

Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Part 3

(This is the continuation of Part 2 of Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain…): There I was, contemplating what failure of physical fitness I had committed to find myself in this painful situation. My thoughts were running through things such as the doctor convincing me to drop my magnesium supplement a few months back to cure a bout of the “Lower G.I. Blues,” when I asked myself the really relevant next question, “Am I going to be able to keep going up?” I turned to the rock out-facing on…

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Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Part 2 Blog 

Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain, Part 2

(This is the continuation of Part 1 of Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain…): Timberline of the Barr Trail is marked clearly not only with a sign that says, “Timberline Shelter,” but by the ability to see the shelter itself, down and to the left off of the trail. In years past I have pitched a sleeping bag, and one memorable time even carried a 2-person tent up to this point, so there are fond memories. The view of Colorado Springs from the shelter itself is magnificent, but of…

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Running Up And Stumbling Down a Mountain Blog 

Running Up And Stumbling Down a Mountain

The title of “Running Up and Stumbling Down a Mountain” for this week’s article could have just as easily been, “How to Beat the Living Crap Out of Yourself on Pikes Peak.” Oh, it all started out well enough, in fact extremely well, but the Mother Run to commemorate my “best mother-in-law ever” ended up being a real vaudeville act at times. I hope her energy was abiding nearby on Wednesday the 23rd, and she got a few laughs out of the deal. I know if I had been watching key…

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The Grief Process and Physical Fitness Blog 

The Grief Process and Physical Fitness

This week we are going to get into how the grief process and physical fitness can find common ground in your weight loss program. We hope with all sincerity that this situation is not something you are going through currently, but here at Abundant Health Unlimited Headquarters we have recently lost a dear family member, and “getting over it” is just not something that everyone does the same way, or at the same pace. It isn’t neat or pretty, and it is a unique experience for everyone. My reaction to…

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5 Ways to be Inspired by Weight Loss Success! Blog 

5 Ways to be Inspired by Weight Loss Success!

We struggle, especially as we get older, to find ways to be inspired by weight loss success.  You may even be softly sighing and saying, “Success? What success?,” though we certainly hope that’s not the case.  The plain fact of the matter is that you can build slowly off of the initial water weight losses that all folks seems to have for the first few days as a positive snowballing effect, and feed off the gratitude you can choose to feel over this!  People roll their eyes at the notion of “thinking yourself thin,”…

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Can You Lose Weight by Losing Bread? Blog 

Can You Lose Weight by Losing Bread?

With the modern-day prevalence of the gluten-free movement many of us are beginning to ask, “Can you lose weight by losing bread?” We know that Dr. Atkins, the inventor of the Atkins Diet believed so, and trained us to abhor carbs generally. Do you remember a decade ago when even Burger King would offer people the Whopper without a bun? I can, and I recall a lot of people rolling their eyes at what seemed to be another “fad diet” aimed at the gullible as well. The furor over dumping…

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Bodyweight Exercises for Weight Loss Blog 

Bodyweight Exercises for Weight Loss

If thoughts of having to drive to a gym and then paying through the nose for the privilege of using the machines are causing you any anxiety at all then it’s time to get excited about bodyweight exercises for weight loss! Simply put, you CAN take advantage of the undeniable force of gravity, and get in a fantastic resistance exercise routine with practically no special equipment. A decently cushy floor surface of either carpet or an exercise floor mat, a bar to do pull-ups from, and a couple of chairs,…

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Scheduling Workouts for Weight Loss Blog 

Scheduling Workouts for Weight Loss

We all have busy lives, and sometimes scheduling workouts for weight loss can be a little bit of a trick. We know that the body feeds the mind and that exercise is good for the brain. Still, the question comes up for all of us at least once in a while: how do I make time for this when I have the kids’s soccer practice to go to and dinner to make after a long day at the office? Let’s explore some possible answers together, and hopefully share a few…

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Calculation of One Pound of Weight Loss Blog 

Calculation of One Pound of Weight Loss

There is a host of information in dieting and nutrition circles regarding the calculation of one pound of weight loss. Much of this information points toward a time-tested formula: 3,500 calories burned = one pound. In other words, you need to burn 3,500 more calories through activity and organic functions more than you take in from nutrition to reduce your weight by one pound. Sound simple? Sure it does, and we took this nugget of information for granted ourselves for some time until we were made aware that it is…

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Weight Loss Health Benefits Blog 

Weight Loss Health Benefits

There are weight loss health benefits. Oh really? Gee, what a shocker, you may say with all due (and some would say necessary) sarcasm! Anybody old enough to watch a television has got to know that being overweight is hard on your body just by verbal osmosis. What we want to do in going over a list of weight loss health benefits is to see how many we can list without breathing too hard, and in the process have some fun in the process of the discovery. Let’s begin, shall…

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The Skinny on the Paleo Diet Blog 

The Skinny on the Paleo Diet

So just what is the skinny on the paleo diet, anyway? What is it? Does it really work? Should we commit to it? In all due modesty I did not know the answers to some of these questions as recently as a few months ago, particularly the commitment one. Let’s talk about our take on the paleo diet, provide some background on what it is, and discuss the pros and cons. 1) What is it? Paleo is tossed around quite a lot on the social media lately, and in our…

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Fat Loss and a Good Night’s Sleep Blog 

Fat Loss and a Good Night’s Sleep

What is the connection between fat loss and a good night’s sleep? If you stick to your guns by insisting that fat equals calories ingested and not worked off through exercise or activity than you might attempt to argue there is no relationship between one and the other at all. But this is simply not true, because we’re dealing with the complex and beautiful functioning of the entire human physiology every single second of every day. There are a number of reasons to make our case as to why this is…

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Frequent Small Meals for Weight Loss Blog 

Frequent Small Meals for Weight Loss

Did you know that eating frequent small meals for weight loss really works? The human body is a complex organism, and the digestive system in particular is a miracle in the way food makes its way from a solid form at the point of eating down to the cellular level where tissues, organs and muscles can use it. The idea of “three square meals” is most likely a by-product of the industrial revolution because of the desire to get the most work out of the labor force for as long…

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Weight Loss for Summer Blog 

Weight Loss for Summer

The sun has regained its power to warm our bodies, the trees have woken up and smell magnificent, and our thoughts turn naturally to weight loss for summer. Whether our reasons are to be able to wear a swimsuit without too much embarrasment, or just be able to lay out in the sun or work outside with our shirts off, this is the time of year more than any other that we think of ways to get thinner quicker. Let’s explore the warm weather season in all its glory, and…

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Learn to Love Your Weight Loss Journey Blog 

Learn to Love Your Weight Loss Journey

What if, instead of thinking about pain and sweat and smaller meals and all of the possible negatives you make a firm resolve instead, and learn to love your weight loss journey? Imagine how that will feel, knowing that you are making progress even on the occasional days that your scale says the same thing as the day before, because you’re developing an entirely new lifestyle as well as putting muscles to use that are strengthening with every set you do! This is going to be all about the positive energy you are creating…

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Fat Loss for Ordinary People Blog 

Fat Loss for Ordinary People

In last week’s post I admittedly catered to my fellow running fanatics, but what about fat loss for ordinary people? A love of running is like the love that develops for anything worthwhile and deeply important in life because it takes time. As a business person and former member of the “rat race” myself I fully understand that time is a premium. In fact, we believe strongly that much like the space-time continuum in physics, there is an undeniable time-money continuum in business. But that’s a topic for another time…

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Weight Loss Nutrition for Runners Blog 

Weight Loss Nutrition for Runners

Many people approach the idea of running to get fit, and weight loss nutrition for runners is a hot topic for those of us that run not only for the sheer joy of the running but also to address health, weight, and fitness goals. When a new runner starts out, as with any new endeavor, he or she has an agenda in mind. It may be to run a 5K, or 10K, or even a half marathon. Possibly a new runner has no race goal in mind, and just wants to…

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Diet and Exercise Balance for Weight Loss Blog 

Diet and Exercise Balance for Weight Loss

Creating a diet and exercise balance for weight loss makes incredibly good sense, so much so that it even sounds logical when said aloud. If taken out of the context we created last week of the yin-yang duality of physical existence it still makes excellent sense, because of our constant awareness through media and social connections that both diet and both are good for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When taken together we must be able to draw the conclusion that this is better, right? Of course. Our philosophy…

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The Mind-Body Connection in Weight Loss Blog 

The Mind-Body Connection in Weight Loss

Everything in nature is a balance, and there is no doubt of the mind-body connection in weight loss. There is a duality of all things in the universe. This is why the taijitu, more commonly known as the yin-yang symbol in the west, is one of our logos. As you can see in the illustration the yin or dark has a small element of the light within it, and the yang has the small bit of darkness. This symbolizes the dual nature within the duality. We explore how this pertains…

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Fat Loss With NO Low Fat or Non-Fat Foods Blog 

Fat Loss With NO Low Fat or Non-Fat Foods

  When someone says you can enjoy the benefits of fat loss with no low fat or non-fat foods in your diet it kind of makes you scratch your head, right? I mean, come on! Aren’t these foods provided to us by the nice food manufacturing industry folks to make keeping our weight in a reasonable range easier, and our lives better? Better living through chemistry, right? Well, the actual truth is a little sad, or angering if that is the way we choose to react to bad news that…

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Low Carb Meal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss Blog 

Low Carb Meal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

I am discovering quite happily that being other-directed into a low carb meal plan for healthy weight loss has its advantages. You would think that someone with the motivation to exercise strenuously and monitor weight management would be more food savvy, but I am happy to admit two things. One is that I do not know everything. The other is that I make a conscious effort to keep my mind open and continue to learn new things even as I am gracefully aging! There is also the very real consideration…

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Eating Low Sugar for Weight Loss Blog 

Eating Low Sugar for Weight Loss

Eating low sugar for weight loss sounds like something that everyone over the age of 8 years old should know.  Because a week has elapsed since my last entry it seems that some follow-up to my research efforts into what to eat seemed appropriate, and whether or not you are already aware of what I’m about to relate to you I was in for some surprises.  In particular, this week I am sharing two discoveries that I made about low-sugar eating. 1) The first discovery was how easily I was…

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Eating Better Foods for Weight Loss Blog 

Eating Better Foods for Weight Loss

The topic of eating better foods for weight loss would seem like a “no-brainer,” but as an avid runner I must confess I lapsed into what can only be considered a dangerous habit. Dangerous because extremism in any form leads to chaos, and an extreme amount of sugar in the diet can lead to health issues that even a high level of exercise alone will not address. How, you say, did we come to this conclusion, and choose this as our topic of discussion this week? The answer is that…

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Training for Races for Weight Loss Blog 

Training for Races for Weight Loss

With winter training for a marathon as well as the race itself behind me my thoughts turn to training for races for weight loss.  To be more specific, training for and running some races of shorter distances to improve on personal best times as well as to put some much-needed variety into the weekly training schedule.  What I should address for you, it seems, is how fun and personally rewarding an agenda of races could be for a person approaching a diet adaptation as well as a new exercise program. …

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Marathon Recovery and the Compromised Immune System Blog 

Marathon Recovery and the Compromised Immune System

I jumped on my favorite search engine looking for information relating to marathon recovery and the compromised immune system after my second marathon.  Following the first time I ran a 26.2 mile race I got a cold sore on the corner of my mouth the likes of which I had never seen before in my life, either on myself or somebody else.  It was disgusting to me and also painful not only when I wanted to eat, but also because I was singing backup harmonies in a local-level band at…

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Marathon Recovery and Running Blog 

Marathon Recovery and Running

There is an abundance of information available out there on the subject of marathon recovery and running, specifically how much time to take before getting back into real race training following a marathon.  One thing I have heard and take a bit seriously is one day for every mile of the race completed.  Yes that’s right: that means 26 days following a marathon.  I find myself thinking about this a lot as I am on day 19 post- marathon, and have been feeling really good for at least a week. …

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Interval Running for Weight Loss Blog 

Interval Running for Weight Loss

We should touch on interval running for weight loss because I have had the great fortune of getting some excellent advice on this subject from a qualified personal trainer who has medaled in international cycling events.  Of course the same exercise goals can be achieved by running as well simply because the interval should be dictated not by speed or foot turnover rate, but by heart rate.  This makes it possible to interval train with any activity that one is able to sustain greater than or equal to 90% of…

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Strengthen Your Immune System Blog 

Strengthen Your Immune System

A healthy diet and exercise regimen has the additional benefit of being an undeniable way to strengthen your immune system.  Boosting the immune system is a topic that gains a lot of traction in the winter months when stories abound of the various forms of flu and other illness we should beware of.  As winter prepares to retract its vicious head back into its own shell for the year here in the mountains of Colorado a tickle in the back of the throat and some vague shoulder muscle soreness in…

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Running to Reduce Weight for Beginners Blog 

Running to Reduce Weight for Beginners

The subject of running for beginners weight loss is widely discussed, and it seems like there are as many opinions as there are experienced runners!  Though there are many great forms of exercise that get the heart pumping and the blood flowing I will make no secret of the fact that running is my favorite.  The time I spend running is time with my own thoughts, enjoying the scenery around me and reflecting on things which are important to me.  On the other side of the argument there are folks…

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Running Shoes for Beginners Blog 

Running Shoes for Beginners

This week I want to address running shoes for beginners, because running is one of my main passions in life, and I wish fervently that someone had shared this information with me when I first set out to become a distance runner myself.  Running has the marvelous simple advantage of being a very legitimate physical activity with very little investment in gear compared to some other sports and activities, and for this reason many people will make running shoe purchase decisions based on low cost and in some cases limited…

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Weight Reduction Tips Blog 

Weight Reduction Tips

Why do we find ourselves seeking out weight reduction tips and the fastest weight loss method?  We live in a time and a place where it is easy to despair of the poor food choices that are considered normal and typical.  I have often lamented that it is cheaper to eat a diet high in fat, sugar, and simple carbohydrates, and buying healthy at the store always seems to cost more.  It takes a tangible level of self-control, and a complete paradigm shift in the way we approach food to…

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Weight Reduction Affirmations Blog 

Weight Reduction Affirmations

I believe weight reduction affirmations can help us to be our most excellent selves, no matter how many layers of various types of tissue our “selves” may be concealed under!  A board-certified physician once said on a radio program that the only weight-reducing regimen that works involves BOTH diet and exercise, and that statement stuck with me over the years.  Even when I weighed close to 50 pounds more than I do today.  I have tried a whole spectrum of exercise routines for reducing weight.  What I have found after…

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